1. Choose the box that suits you from those proposed in the online store or this website.
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3. Select your delivery for a single sale or all 4 boxes at once.

In short....

You can choose a single box or «Buy the 4 boxes all in one go at once»  it's a great way to keep your child stimulated to master his/her skills while practicing this method at his/her own pace.

 The Montessori box™ is designed for children from 0 to 3 years.

You will receive a colorful designed curated Montessori box set for infant and toddler including:

- 4 to 5 Montessori educational materials 

- an educational pamphlet  

- and so much more inside the box...

When ordering The Montessori Box™  you will get safe and high quality products, hand-selected by AMI certified Educators.

The materials will allow your child to experience a wide range of essential learning skills.

Each box follow the developmental stages in the following theme.

- Sensory skills - Mathematics- Language-Practical life - Music- Science and Arts

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