Development Stages

The Montessori Box

Because Education starts at home

Dr. Montessori identified developmental stages in children.

His idea, that growth and development happens in stages and that the next stage of development likely looks very different from the current stage resonates with what we observe in children. 

The Montessori environments are specifically designed to meet the needs of children in the first plane (0-12 months) Children in the first stage uses their senses to understand the world and explore.

Children in the second stage (12 to 18 months old) begin to move from concrete to abstract reasoning and have a vivid imagination. Children of this age  explore topics of interest.

Children in the third stage from (18 to 24 months ) are working to make themselves into the adult world.

Children in the fourth stage from (24 months to 3 years) can independently accomplish activities themselves by imitating the adult world. This then gives them a sense of accomplishment and in turn develops a high self-esteem.

  *all our boxes may contain small items adult supervision is necessary at all times risk of choking hazard !